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  • How to Protect Your Lawn in the Fall

    When the cooler fall weather rolls around, make sure your lawn is prepared for the change. So many homeowners make the mistake of thinking lawn care is done and over with when the fall season rolls around. However, neglecting the lawn can cause an array of trouble. Use the tips below to protect your lawn and keep it looking great until next spring.

    lawn care service arlington va

    Aerate the Lawn

    You should call a professional lawn care service arlington va to aerate the lawn at least once per year. When you aerate the lawn, you give it the breath of fresh air that it needs to thrive. You can find hand tools that make aerating fairly simple if you choose to handle the task yourself.

    Seed the Lawn

    The fall season is the perfect time to seed the lawn. When temperatures are at about 55 degrees F, the soil is prime for seeding and growth. You should choose high-quality seeds to grow to get the best results from your efforts.

    Fertilize Before Frost

    Fertilize the lawn in the fall. When you do this before the first frost you provide the lawn with vital nutrients that it will absorb and store so that it survives the harsh cold of the winter and grows into a lush, beautiful lawn in the spring.

    Weed Control

    Weeds grow, even when it is cold outside. It is important that you continue to remove the weeds from your lawn during the fall and winter months. Weeds cause the lawn to look unattractive and can kill the healthy grass.

    There are many ways to protect your lawn during the fall season. Use the tips above to ensure that you get the valuable protection that you want. You'll appreciate the beauty of the lawn when it is protected.